An Evaluation of Customer-Optimized Distributed Generation in New England Utility and Real-Time Markets

The full worth of distributed generation systems must be measured not only by the impact on the customer, but also by DG’s impact on the grid and surrounding market participants.  A case study comparing customer incentives created by utility rates with the real-time prices market in New England provides a new model to quantify the value of customer peak shaving with distributed generation technologies.  Read more from Ray C. Duthu, our Senior Energy Analyst/Consultant at Ascend Analytics.

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Evaluation of Existing Customer-owned, On-site Distributed Generation Business Models

This article presents an economic model that studies customer-owned and operated distributed generation facilities.  Results show that customer-optimized distributed generation facilities create quantifiable losses for distribution and generation and transmission utilities, and that further work will be required in order to create new business models that equitably share in the potential technical and economic benefits of distributed generation.  This article was written in part by our very own Ray C. Duthu, a Senior Energy Analyst/Consultant at Ascend Analytics.
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