Ascend Analytics achieves “Best Practices” through Evergreen Economics Report

Ascend Analytics is proud to announce that it has achieved “best practices” through an Evergreen Economics Report.  In January 2014, the State of Montana Public Service Commission engaged Evergreen Economics, a third party consulting firm, to assist Commission staff in reviewing analysis conducted by NorthWestern Energy (NWE) and Ascend Analytics in support of NWE’s $900 million bid to acquire 11 hydroelectric generation assets from PPL Montana.  Through a systematic and thorough evaluation of Ascend’s software models and analysis, Evergreen Economics recognized Ascend’s models’ consistency and completeness with industry “best practices.”  It is highly unusual for a third party to give high praise in an evaluation, therefore Ascend is pleased with the outcome of this assessment.  Evergreen’s report further solidifies Ascend as a leader in portfolio management and long-term resource planning.  Ascend continues to stand apart from the competition by offering industry recognized “best practice” models and analysis, which enable power producers to better evaluate their portfolios, assess their risks, and maximize their revenues.

Gary Dorris Called to Provide Expert Testimony on behalf of NorthWestern Energy to the Montana Public Service Commission

Gary Dorris to provide expert testimony on behalf of NorthWestern Energy to the Montana Public Service Commission


On July 9, 2014, Gary Dorris, the President of Ascend Analytics, delivered expert testimony on behalf of NorthWestern Energy during a hearing held by the Montana Public Service Commission regarding NorthWestern Energy’s bid to purchase $900 million of hydroelectric assets from PPL Montana.  Ascend’s team, and its PowerSimm software, consulted and modeled the acquisition and potential impacts to NorthWestern Energy’s ratepayers.  Ascend Analytics concluded that NorthWestern Energy’s proposed purchase of 11 hydroelectric dams will initially increase rates, but these rates will ultimately become more stable and reliable for consumers according to a longer-term forecast.  Dr. Dorris handled cross examination with great deftness, furthering the economic merit of the hydro asset acquisition.