California PUC Request Ascend Training on Risk Based Resource Planning and Opens Seminar to the Public

Ascend Analytics to present Best Practices in Risk Based Resource Planning
October 20-21, 2014

This course builds on the success of Ascend’s new risk based modeling approach for resource planning that has been utilized in regulatory filings in MT and CA.

Dr. Gary Dorris our President at Ascend Analytics, will be presenting at the upcoming EUCI course to speak on the Best Practices in Risk Based Resource Planning.

Dr. Dorris has been a pioneer of innovative solutions for energy planning and risk. Gary has introduced utilities to new solutions to model and analyze planning portfolios. His analytic innovations and expertise are sought by industry leaders including expert testimony in some of the most prominent resource planning and risk management proceedings in the country. His company’s software solutions are used by 3 of the top 5 utilities in America and more COOPs and municipalities.

For more information about this upcoming conference:  Best Practices in Risk Based Resource Planning