Dr. Gary Dorris, Ascend Analytics’ CEO, presented ‘Unlocking the Latent Value of Flexible Generation and Drive Additional Profits’ at Infocast’s PJM Market Summit 2015.

The presentation focused on the changes in PJM supply fundamentals that are creating new price dynamics and opportunities for flexible generation.  Realizing opportunities to profit from real-time price volatility requires an understanding of price dynamics beyond traditional production costing.  The new paradigm to realize opportunity combines granular asset modeling at 5 minute time-steps with behavioral dynamics of agent response and system fundamentals.  In order to unlock the latent value of generation and drive additional profits, the presentation outlined how to:

  • Understand what are the fundamental drivers creating new price dynamics
  • Visualize price dynamics with geo-spatial plots that identify opportunities
  • Capture additional value through quantifying risk arbitrage opportunities in a hybrid modeling framework
  • Learn what technologies stand to profit the most from these changes.

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