Ascend’s New HyperDrive Flies At Warp Speed With Exceptional Accuracy

Ever suffered from too-much-data-too-little-time syndrome?  Can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to get everything processed?

Ascend Analytics has the perfect solution for what ails you.  And it doesn’t involve copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks or chronic insomnia to work.

Let Ascend’s new HyperDrive burn the midnight oil for you.  Our new offering provides unparalleled performance and accuracy, putting your generation, loads, and hedge instrument data through thousands of iterations without compromising hourly dispatch optimization details.

HyperDrive, uses advanced computational and empirical modeling techniques that can put a 200-unit generation portfolio through its mandatory 2,000 hourly simulations over five years in under two hours, based on current experience.  Like the Tesla S, the speed is “insane” compared to anything out there.

The service fits a series of structural state-space regression models that capture the underlying uncertainty in weather, load, renewables and market prices combined with detailed chronological dispatch of generation.

HyperDrive’s computation efficiency does not compromise model accuracy by realizing results within 1% of detailed hourly results — even for complex combined cycle units in the volatile ERCOT market.

Take HyperDrive for a spin.  For more information, please contact sales at Ascend Analytics at (303) 415-1400 or